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Mistakes and Friends

I’ve made a mistake. These words should be hard to say, but they aren’t. I think they are hard to say to the person that needs to hear them. 733 more words


Perfect Attendance

It has been 43 days since my last post, and I can’t say that I am surprised. I have been home in Boston for about two weeks, summer break. 389 more words


Element: Air (Poem)


This is the fourth (and final) installment in the “Elemental poem” series. I hope that you all have enjoyed the ones that I’ve put out over this month; feel free to read the others here: … 70 more words


Hellos and Goodbyes

Hello! This is my very first post on CLEtoSEA, a blog I hope to use to chronicle my joys, anxieties, events, antics, mishaps, growing pains, and everything in between as I pack up my things and move from Cleveland, Ohio to Seattle, Washington, the location of my new school and my new teeny-tiny studio apartment (it’s less than 500 square feet!). 515 more words



In psychology class we learn that humans are generally unreliable witnesses. We don’t remember the details and our brains connect the dots, and we don’t realize when this happens. 559 more words

Mental Health

Learning to Hopscotch

left, right
maybe left again
then down the middle –
almost erratically –
decisions to make
different paths to follow
like playing hopscotch
in carefree childhood… 72 more words

20 Something

Hong Kong: To return or not to return? Part I

I’ve always considered myself unbelievably lucky to have called Hong Kong my second home for the last four years. For all the good, bad, and ugly experiences, that city, which translates to “fragrant harbour” in Chinese, is where I spent the first half of my adulthood. 1,213 more words