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Jesus Blogging … Your Little Acts

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Sacrifice is needed in order to lift your brother or sister out of bondage. Do not, My children, waste time wringing your hands and looking at their disorder, thinking that that will somehow free them. 62 more words


Jesus Blogging … Miracle-working Power

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It’s not that I can’t do miracles on your behalf to save you from distress. No, the real miracle is your trusting in Me, regardless of how impossible the situation appears to be. 75 more words


99 tweets later: lessons from a Twitter newbie

Is a milestone tweet nearing? Do I have epic knowledge to impart?

All in 140 characters?

I wish. All I know is that, as a cross between a… 184 more words


Jesus Blogging … My Heart Aches

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My heart aches for all of My children. Regardless of their past, I want to sweep them into My everlasting arms to console them, remind them of how much I love them and bring them to a place of peace. 51 more words


Best Practices for Blogging and Tweeting

Being able to reach the consumer directly through blogging and tweeting is a retailers dream.  Having the capability of displaying marketing messages and specific products right to the customers, can help any retailer reach their ultimate goal; more sales.  411 more words


Twitter 101

Before we delve into the world of Twitter and how it can help grow your business, let’s take a brief look at what Twitter is about and the components of Twitter… 35 more words

Jesus Blogging … I Love You

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I need your love. This is not just a saying of Mine. Just as you need air, I, your Jesus, need love—to give and receive. 99 more words