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Penguins / Crunch Tweet Feed


Not near a radio? Don’t have a Twitter but still want to follow along with tonight’s game? Look no further. See below for tonight’s game tweets. 23 more words


Jesus Blogging ... A New Way

My littlest child, don’t you feel my presence? I‘m never far from you. In fact, I’m closer than your very breath. If you agree, We can live this life together in a new way, a surprising way, so united that others will see Me when they look at you. 6 more words


Jesus Tweeting ... Emotions

If you let your emotions control your life, you will be at the whim of the wind—blown all over the place. Do not pay attention to your feelings. 19 more words


Jesus Tweeting ... A Better Way

You strive to follow Me by using your willpower. I have a better way. Call my will into your heart and let Me do the work. 11 more words


Jesus Tweeting ... Not Shocked

You can come to Me with everything. You will not shock Me. I already know all about you, even more than you know yourself. And don’t expect Me to be harsh—I am extremely merciful.


Writers on Twitter

Rant incoming.

Okay. I’m pretty active on Twitter. I’d say I tweet maybe 10-15 times a day. On the weekends that number probably cuts in half because I’m sleepy. 390 more words

Jesus Tweeting ... Loving and Wise Words

Anne Rose © 2015

It’s not right for you to look at your brother or sister in a negative way in order to elevate yourself. This only takes you down. 27 more words