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Jesus Tweeting … Be Patient

Be patient with your injuries and sicknesses. I’m doing a work in your soul that far surpasses any inconvenience you experience in your body. Hang on and wait for the dawn.


What the ####?! Issue 35

Welcome once again guys, boy this has been a hard week. I’m just really pleased to be having an extra day off for bank holiday Monday. 829 more words


“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ― Maya Angelou

A few days ago, the lamp on my office desk ‘sparked’.  There was a loud popping sound and despite my best efforts to bring it back to life – it was officially gone.   1,197 more words

Roseanna Borelli

Jesus Tweeting … Your Pain

Your pain is not fruitless if it is in Me. Let’s carry it together. You’ll see how light it becomes and how joyful it is to have Someone, your Creator, Who knows you inside and out, walk this sometimes tortuous path—a path He knows intimately—together with you, carrying you securely on His shoulders.


Jesus Tweeting … Breathe

Things seem overwhelming for you right now. And you look forward to a less hectic time. But you can enjoy My peace at this very moment. 11 more words