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National Geographic Kids [Magazine]

Bibliographic information: National Geographic Kids, Ten annual issues, National Geographic Society, April 2015

Plot Description: Features of the Magazine:


Twist [Magazine]

Bibliographic information: Twist, Monthly Magazine, Bauer Publishing, April 2015

Plot Description: Twist features tween gossip, quizzes, fashion, popular celebrities, posters and more. Many of the articles featured are about celebrities for the younger crowds such as former Disney stars, boy bands, pop stars and young actors/actresses. 192 more words


The Skating Rink

It was nearing the end of the school year, and everyone was excited about the field trip that was going to take place later in the week. 593 more words

Betwixt and Between

It has been a long time since I’ve felt like a first-time mom, or given much thought to a very true truth: our firstborn is the pioneer, the guinea pig. 365 more words

Monte Carlo

Bibliographic information: Monte Carlo directed by Thomas Bezucha, Fox 2000 pictures, 2011, 1 DVD disc, 109 minutes, 1. 85: 1.

Plot Description: Starring beloved Disney star Selena Gomez, Leighton Meister, and Katie Cassidy. 325 more words


Language of Love

Parenting is often on the fly, I’ve come to learn. By that, I mean I make a lot of shit up when posed with hard or unexpected questions. 708 more words


Three Lessons I'll Teach My Kids When They Want To Get Tattooed

When your young and your uncle’s friend owns a tattoo shop what do you do? You get free tattoos. Lots of them. All of them, unoriginal flash you picked off the wall. 1,140 more words