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My daughter's flip phone, 2015 not 1994

In the mid-90’s I upgraded from a Motorola brick cellphone to a MicroTac (flip phone) and then a StarTAC (flip phone), and now, 20 years later, I’m using a Moto x2. 226 more words



I said happy birthday to my ‘little sister’ but I’m more of a raft than a motivational speaker so I said it softly and we made this hot pink cake, a small confirmation that you don’t stop being you just because you reach a new number and everyone that keeps teasing her about getting a job should look around the room at how many adults do not in fact have jobs. 590 more words

6 Tips For Book Report Success & Beyond

When my son first entered middle school, one of the requirements in his language arts class was writing a monthly book report. While he enjoyed reading, inwardly I cringed at the thought of him struggling with this assignment – learning how to craft a book report can be a daunting task for any student, and if your child has an attention deficit as mine does, it can prove even more challenging. 598 more words

When you were one or two

When you were one, you did not dress yourself. You did not undress yourself. You lifted an arm, a foot, waiting for your clothes to go on, to come off. 500 more words

Mallory's Pre-Tween Room

We moved a couple miles down the road into a new-to-us house just a few months ago. We lived in our last house for 8+ years so it’s fun to have a fresh space to design and decorate. 1,345 more words


YA Green Light Reads

Kelly Jensen a librarian and a blogger at STACKED shared this fantastic flowchart of current YA books, suitable for all readers, with Book Riot and we thought it was so good we wanted to pass it along to you.   103 more words


A "Twilight" Review By a Sober Man

I get that Twilight is an easy target AND that the movie franchise closed in 2012. But the fact was that while I had a lot of fun at the series’ expense, trivializing it as s**t romance for stupid women, I’d never actually indulged in it myself. 1,051 more words