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On the postpartum body...

I don’t remember a time when I loved my body. There’s been seldom time I have seen my reflection and not one negative thought crossed my mind. 703 more words


Complicity in violence

We are all complicit in violence, no matter how good our intents are….

I have experienced a lot of violence, but I have also perpetrated a lot of violence. 196 more words


Total War: WARHAMMER - A Match Made in Heaven

I’ve often found that, like buses, good news comes in pairs. A few days ago I shared the good news about me and writing for… 314 more words


Just Because

Just because her skirt is short

Doesn’t mean she’s a whore,

Doesn’t mean she’s easy,

And doesn’t mean she was asking for it.

Just because she cursed… 133 more words


Every Night

Every night I lay in an empty bed,

Feeling restless with thoughts consuming me.

I think of the women who lost children

In wars they didn’t know they were fighting. 207 more words


I'm Mark Heppell and this is how I work

Next up in the 2015 ‘How I work‘ series is Mark Heppell. Mark is one of Cedar’s longest serving employees having been with us for 16 years. 470 more words


Trigger Warning

It seems that

in America,

there are two things that Cambodians are known for:

1) genocide,

and 2) donuts.

Let’s talk about genocide.

You don’t want to? 970 more words