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Said no.
What’s consent?
Remember when?
You don’t, you were drunk
Just can’t believe myself
I hoped words could fight you off
Clearly deluded by the drinks… 16 more words


I think I care too much sometimes

My last relationship was crazy. His name was Andy. He was possessive, unstable and suicidal. Some of which he used against me. 465 more words


I’ve eaten a lot of nutella today and that shouldn’t bother me but it does. I feel like everything I do I do in excess: I eat too much, I talk too much, I care too much, I procrastinate too much. 317 more words

I'm horrible with people

I have such high expectations for other people

I guess it’s because I expect them to treat me and react to me in a similar manner that I do to them. 745 more words

(TW) Ativan Thoughts.

Let me tell you about my ex-boyfriend.

I broke up with J when I found out he had been soliciting nude photos from other women, and engaging other women to sleep over at his house. 234 more words

In A Good Way 我的自由年代 [2013]

SETTV from November 15, 2013 to May 16, 2014 Fridays at 22:00 tst for 26 episodes
Genre: Romance 174 more words


A Different Angle

Imagine yourself in a different angle. Try to look at yourself as you were a different person.

Would you torment that girl for days on end for a mistake she had committed? 236 more words