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Scorpion – Worth watching?

Hello everyone,

today I want to present to you the relatively new TV series Scorpion.

The first season hasn’t even ended yet, but so far it is among series I am most hyped for at the moment. 598 more words

TV Series

"FENCED" a New TV series by Punchside Filmz (Auditions at National Theatre this Saturday)

We have been seeing auditions happening almost every weekend, and of course people get to wonder, how many projects will be out at the end of the year, I think they will be quite many, as long as those projects that are auditioned for never stop in the Pre-production, production or post production phase due to funding issues and probably other team issues/challenges. 691 more words


Let's talk about TV show #1 : Shameless (US)

I think I’ve established in one or two articles previously that I’m quite fond of TV shows; when I’m not reading, sleeping, or trying to have some kind of social life, I’m usually watching a show. 498 more words


MasterChef Junior US

MasterChef Junior adalah serial televisi kompetisi memasak yang ditayangkan di Fox Channel. Ini perdana pada hari Jumat, 27 September 2013. Hal ini didasarkan pada format seri Inggris SMP MasterChef. 119 more words

Child Chef

Infotainment.. oh... Infotainment!

Sebenarnya apa sih gunanya infotainment itu? *serius nanya

Rumah tangga keruh, bukannya didem-demin dan dibantu cari jalan keluarnya, malah dibakar… dipanas-panasin. Orang yg tadinya baik-baik aja, bisa jadi musuhan… krn adu domba. 317 more words


Van People Who Don't Fill Up the Gas


“Van People” opened showing clips of Adam being a goof and wining laughs from his classmates.  But it was revealed that Adam wasn’t the class clown that he thought he was and made us believe.   156 more words