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MMPR S.01 E.14 “Foul Play in the Sky”

Kim goes for flying lessons with her pilot uncle Steve, with Bulk and Skull tagging along. Rita’s henchman Squatt spikes Steve’s drink with a sleeping potion, which kicks into effect while in the skies over Angel Grove.

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TV Review: Born Again S3E6 // Vikings

Before we start let’s clear something up, it’s been nine months since episode 1, this is kinda obvious to work out as Thorunn has had her child and we found out she was pregnant in episode 1. 576 more words


TV Review: The Slap Episodes 106 "Aisha" and 107 "Rosie"

In the episode about Aisha, we see she almost has her own transgression. And then she finds out about Connie and Hector. Considering her own almost affair she isn’t the most understanding. 680 more words

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Review: Gilmore Girls – Season 1, Episode 20 "P.S. I Lo..."

EPISODE 20!!! Oh shit, I am SO CLOSE to the end of the first season. I hope this episode has more exciting plot points than last episode – the only noteworthy thing from that one was “Judgy WASP Mom wears ugly shoes.” 910 more words

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Top Ten (Classic) Doctor Who Stories

Doctor Who celebrated 10 years since it’s revival yesterday, so i thought it would be good to celebrate with my 10 favourite who stories, moments and companions. 866 more words

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"The class is Pain 101..."

“Your instructor is Casey Jones!”

It’s 1990 all over again AND I LOVE IT! 81 more words

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TV Review: Try S5E15 // The Walking Dead

Even casual viewers will know by now that the season finale is not going to end well for anyone. There will definitely be a brutal clash of the clans between Rick and co. 974 more words