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Eurovision Grand Final - Review

And so the contest reached its conclusion last night. After months of me sarcastically livetweeting the national selections (I do wonder how many unfollows I got as a result of that), then flying out to watch the semifinals in Vienna, and then watching the finals on back home on TV, it’s all over. 570 more words

Mad Men Signs Off With Happiness

Series finales are hard to pull off, especially when it comes to extremely popular shows. Millions of people watching it and a million different people with different sensibilities and desires breaking it down. 1,649 more words

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Supergirl: Pilot (EPISODE REVIEW)

The highly anticipated pilot episode of CBS’ new superhero series Supergirl is here! Illegally I might add. Somehow it found it’s way onto the net via a leak some 6 months before its November debut, fully edited, no discernible watermarks, and over a quarter million individuals have already seen it. 1,029 more words

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Review - Home Fires - Episode 2

When/Where: ITV, 10 May, 9.00pm

The second episode of Home Fires takes us into wartime. It is September 1939, and there are signs of war everywhere, soldiers, RAF officers and local buildings being requisitioned, but so far, the lives of the women we were introduced to last week have yet to really change. 541 more words

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Once Upon A Time Season 4b Review

Spoiler alert: this post will contain spoilers. If you have yet to catch up, please go off this post now.

The second half of season four has been one of the strongest storylines in a while on the show. 2,479 more words

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My Once Upon a Time Theory: Season 5

In the last couple of weeks I have become massively addicted to Once Upon a Time: the ABC show, now available to view on Netflix if you’re in the UK like me! 1,188 more words

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SPOILER ALERTS: TAR26 and Survivor30 Season Reviews

In the past week, two of my favorite reality TV shows have ended.  Surprisingly, I was happy with both of the season finales, and my top choices for winners won on both shows!  1,332 more words