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Outlander Returns: 2 Days until The Kilt Drops!

Ok woah.

Are we REALLY into the TWO day countdown? I mean seriously.

I’m trying to type out all the garbled ramblings that are crossing my brainwires right now, as fast as I can, before they run away and play hide and seek on me. 1,429 more words

3 Days until Outlander Returns!

Happy Good Friday, everyone! 

This post was supposed to be yesterday’s but that turned into Friday, which is why I will be dividing your photo submissions into two batches and posting TWO days worth of (3 Day & 2 Day) countdown posts at the same time tonight. 924 more words

ONE day until Reign Returns aka Puking Rainbows Fest

Are we really only ONE day away? By the time I post this, it’ll be around midnight here and technically Reign will be BACK today. 1,082 more words

4 Ways to Fix Sleepy Hollow Before It's Too Late

Sleepy Hollow, Season 2, is driving me insane. If the damned show had been horrible from the beginning, I would have watched once and walked away. 1,596 more words

Other People's Awesome


Alright folks.

Are we really 2 days away from Reign? #WHERE DID THE TIME GO

For the past couple of days, uni tasks got the better of me and my hectic life schedule once again called for attention.  1,042 more words

6 Days Until Reign Returns...

[Warning: Strong personal opinions at the bottom of this post. If you’re not comfortable with subject matters that concerns rape or sexual assault, do not scroll down this post. 1,345 more words

7 days until Reign Returns....


First of all, I just want to say I’m happy that some of you are so willing to participate in this and I appreciate each of your enthusiasm and your love for these characters SFM. 612 more words