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Merry-ingenious Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to make perfect little meringues !

I can promise you this will be easier than doing real ones ! 326 more words


Roll 'em up

I like shirts. Big shirts. Printed shirts. Fitted shirts. White shirts. All shirts. You know what gets me though? The rolling up of shirt sleeves. Some people just do it so effortlessly. 200 more words


Cosplay Craft Foam Tutorial - Bullet (BlazBlue)

With the shop rebranding out of the way, I can focus on getting one of my older deviantArt tutorials here onto the blog. I promised a cosplay update last time, so here you go! 124 more words


This is why I keep watching tutorials!

Wow–I thought this was a decent natural light headshot of my friend Craig when I took it a few years ago on a whim. I didn’t do any retouching on it then, other than a spot removal. 139 more words


How to Calculate Yardage Needed for Plastic Canvas Stitching

Sometimes you have a project in mind, and yarn on hand, and boy it sure would suck to get mostly completed and realize you don’t have enough yarn to finish. 674 more words

Visualizing Twitter Status Data with Wordle

The process of Visualizing Twitter status data can be informative and revealing about connections to your brand or any topic that you might not have known existed. 955 more words


Pallet Potential

More & more people are recycling pallets.  Pinterest is loaded with pictures of pallet furniture, home decor, & art.  I have never worked with pallets until recently after being inspired by the projects my friend Audrey has been creating lately over at… 489 more words

Finished Projects