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Beyaz peynir | Saray Restaurant San Diego

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Baked homemade flat bread with feta cheese

Beyaz peynir (Turkish,literally "white cheese", "peynir" is from Persian پنیر panir) is a salty, white cheese made from unpasteurized milk. 151 more words

Kasarli pide | Saray Restaurant San Diego

Kasarli pide|Saray Restaurant

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baked homemade flat bread with mozzarella cheese


 Pide (flat bread) – The basic pide bread is a flat bread with no toppings. 194 more words

Lentil Soup | Saray Restaurant San Diego

Lentil Soup|Saray Restaurant

Red lentil, flour, butter, house spice

Lentil soup refers to a variety of vegetarian and meat soups made with lentils. The soup may consist of green, brown, red, yellow or black lentils, with or without the husk.  349 more words

Vegetarian Plate | Saray Restaurant San diego

Vegetarian Plate|Saray Restaurant


Four pieces of grape lives dolmades three pieces of falafel served with rice and hummus

 Vegetarian cuisine refers to food that meets vegetarian standards by not including meat and animal tissue products. 243 more words