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Sherlock Holmes in Saudi Arabia confused شارلوك هولمز في السعودية حائر .. والكلاب البوليسية حائرة

شارلوك هولمز في السعودية حائر .. والكلاب البوليسية حائرة

بقلم نارام سرجون

لايحار الانسان في تفسير حدث الا عندما يجهل بدايته وجذوره .. لكن وقوف العقل الانساني الجبار على ذرى المعرفة والمنطق يجعله قادرا على أن يرسم الأحداث التي غابت بنظرة فاحصة حاذقة الى أحداث الزمن الحاضر ..

Al Qaeda

Turkey on beer

Turkey is a great alternative to chicken, and it does not the chicken again. Try it on the beer with mushrooms. And when you don’t have forest mushrooms, let there oyster mushroom or champignon. 394 more words

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NATO Allies U.S., Turkey Begin Training 15,000 Anti-Syrian Terrorists

NATO Allies U.S., Turkey Begin Training 15,000 Anti-Syrian Terrorists

Xinhua News Agency
May 26, 2015

Turkey, U.S. start train-equip program for Syrian rebels

ANKARA: Turkey and the United States have started a program for training and equipping Syrian “rebels” in Kirsehir province of central Turkey, local daily HaberTurk reported on Tuesday. 205 more words


Weapons of control: Our freedom and security in East and West

Boarding a Chinese train requires 4 levels of security clearance. First your ticket and ID are cross-checked at an airport style check-in desk. Next you must queue to put your bag through an X-ray scanner before stepping on to a soapbox for a full body pat-down. 645 more words


London solidarity with Turkish workers

This video says about itself:

Egyptian Independent Trade Unions solidarity message to Turkish workers

Message of solidarity with protesters in Turkey from the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions read out at a protest in London, 8 June 2013.

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Turkey Blogs: Izmir

Izmir. It’s been called the San Francisco of Turkey.

A woman acting immodestly in a public place, a scene found in Izmir unlikely to be found elsewhere in Turkey.   1,303 more words