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Did you know 2Pac auditioned for Mace Windu in Star Wars?

I thought I knew a lot about Star Wars until I watched this.


Chapter Seventy-seven

Genetrix Labs, Peking Michigan 16 September 2015

Dr Simons held the respiratory tube in the black pit bull’s mouth, while Dr Son inserted the locator chip, by means of a golden wire. 806 more words


A horse with no name in a storm with no rain

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about feeling like I was set up for failure. I ended up doing well and beating the odds on that particular client which posed a real challenge to me. 904 more words


:: shoveling plantain chips into my mouth by the handful.  Honestly, I really want a bag of chips, or even better a can of BBQ Pringles, but I rarely have anything other than an old bag of TJ’s coconut strips and the occasional leftover bag of stale Juanita’s.   106 more words


WATCH: @RazSimone's Video feat. Tupac "Drake & Macklemore's Platform"

Raz Simone is a dope, creative hip-hop artist who’s ahead of his time. He’s from Seattle, Washington and I will always remember the first moment I discovered this dude. 93 more words