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The thing is…he’s just like Peter Pan—the one who doesn’t want to grow up and is very afraid to. And maybe, I don’t want to be his Wendy anymore; for Peter Pan is still a boy and Wendy needs a man—someone who can look after her and not some boy who’s still busy looking for treasures, fighting with swords and looking for never-ending adventures.

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Cobbletown Bridge

Cobbletown Bridge

In the small community of Cobbletown, there has been a mysterious death of a teenaged girl. Perhaps from the point of view of another character, this would be a murder or missing person mystery. 183 more words


Tumblr Inspiration

It’s Monday! I don’t know if you’re excited about that but hopefully, a few inspirations would make you get up and start the week right. 35 more words


Observations — Graffiti

From my new blog on Tumblr Observations — Graffiti.

Update: As the picture doesn´t show up from the tumblr blog  I have added it to my media library and inserted it form there.


This Is the End!

Of January at any rate.

My year has been meh so far, not that I’m complaining since meh is a far cry better than drama laden! 547 more words

Ultimate Blog Challenge

Usopp's Logic

One Piece Film Z is so epic that I can’t find any specific words to describe it. It’s literally awesome from the very start to the very end. 21 more words