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Less than a week - eek!

After what seems like just a load of waiting after waiting after waiting, we’re just about ready to start.  I’m really hoping that the waiting is the worst bit. 316 more words


Another beginning 

It feels early to already need to get the feelings out. I feel like I’m drowning in emotion from this cycle that technically hasn’t started. … 1,564 more words


Well now what?


There’s nothing wrong with either of us.
That’s not usually something people get upset about and maybe I shouldn’t be, either, but right now I’m feeling like “if it ain’t broke, … 120 more words

Experiment day 2, and other stuff

In the picture, the top test is from yesterday at 8am. The bottom test is from today (6dpIUI, 8dptrigger) at 5:30am. It’s hard to tell here, but just the tiniest shade lighter. 729 more words

Random Notes...2nd Month Tracking

This isn’t going to be the most interesting post in the world, but I need to put these notes somewhere where it won’t get lost! I’m currently trying to figure out my cycles. 1,017 more words

Sweet Southern Comfort


I myself seek comfort in ill-timed and heavily inappropriate humor.  You know when the office hag comes raging into the comfort zone of your office spewing venom?  701 more words


The crunchiest hippiest thing I have EVER done

I had a birth healing ceremony the other day.

Now THERE is a sentence I thought I’d never say, write, utter, you get it.

Not that I have anything against healing ceremonies or hippy things, I’m just not normally that way inclined. 668 more words