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(Not) Growing Pains

Well, we are ovulating. Late… again… but ovulating. I know this because I finally got a true positive OPK yesterday, and because I’m miserable today. 932 more words


Alone Time

Loving someone doesn’t mean liking them 100% of the time. Love means that when you see that person at their worst and they see you at your worst, you still have a pretty good feeling that they will wind up beside you in your queen sized bed that doesn’t feel nearly big enough any more. 771 more words

Taking Notes

One of the advantages to being an infertile (you read that right, I said advantage) is that you get to see how every one else manages life with their new addition. 516 more words

Not going to take a pregnancy test

I have decided I am not going to take a pregnancy test. At least, not yet.

It just feels too fraught. I am depressed, stressed, unsure of what is happening in our marriage and about what I want, I feel hopeless that things will get better, I fear that each time I acquiesce to his demands or try to soothe his fears or placate his anger and hostility I give up another shred of myself. 176 more words



I’m Charlotte Hope aka @HopeEpiMum & @SaucyCHP on twitter. I am in my mid 20s and married. I live with an uncontrollable progressive (degenerative) type of Epilepsy that means I am unable to work. 1,025 more words

Baby Planning

The stupid waiting game.

I hate waiting.

It seems like it’s been 4 months since my last cycle. It hasn’t even been 4 weeks. The doctor that I saw about the MC, said we had to wait one full cycle to start trying again…. 537 more words


What the French, Toast?!

After screwing up the first 4 days of trying to temp this month, I decided to just go one more cycle without temping because I “didn’t want the stress.” 953 more words