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Turning 29

Truth be hold, I was not looking forward to my birthday this year. Losing 1st baby has hit me hard and hanging out with a load of people so close to it, drinking alcohol just wasn’t great. 272 more words

HSG Testing and Blocked Fallopian Tubes


After waiting two months to finally gather the courage to go in for HSG testing, I found out my left fallopian tube is blocked. I watched the entire thing unfold on the monitor beside me as the nurse injected the purple looking dye into my uterus. 117 more words

Single Mom By Choice

The Two-Week-Wait....

Stay busy, confident and in a positive mindset

“The Two Week Wait” (aka TWW) is a term/phrase that is readily known in the infertility/ttc community. This is the 14 days post ovulation/transfer that will either result in a positive pregnancy test or negative. 1,383 more words

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Pretty sure it worked 

I finished my first round of clomid this week. I definitely feel like it worked. I had the hot flashes and morning cramps. I’ve also noticed that my breasts are a 1000x more sensitive. 112 more words

Update - PCOS

Hey everyone.

It’s been a while since I have posted anything so I thought I would just give a little update. I have mostly stopped bleeding over the past week, a couple of days there was a little bit but for the past few days there has been nothing and it feels so good. 278 more words


Chicken Caesar Salad

So when I first started this blog, the idea was to share recipe suggestions for pregnancy, but the last few weeks haven’t gone as planned with my miscarriage and all so I never managed to get any up. 590 more words



Wednesday morning we woke up bright and early at a fresh 4am and hit the road at 5:30 for a four hour drive to Queanbeyan. My instructions for an afternoon surgery was no food after 7am and no drink after 10am. 533 more words