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Metformin - week NO!

Our trying to conceive journey has been a very up and down situation. When we decided to try again, all I wanted was a baby. I spent the first 8 months of the journey completely period-less. 611 more words


Freaking out

Tomorrow I start giving myself injections.  It is the next step in our process of trying to conceive.

My medications arrived today and it feels completely overwhelming -boxes and vials and needles and patches. 49 more words

Trying To Conceive

Then and now: has society really accepted infertility?

A few days ago, I mentioned how we recently learned a couple we know adopted their children. They are good friends and next door neighbours to my husband’s Aunt and Uncle. 205 more words

Weight Obsession & PCOS Lies?

I cannot remember a time when doctors haven’t told me to lose weight. Even as a child when I first got diagnosed with Epilepsy no matter what medication I was on a doctor was worried about weight gain as a side effect. 794 more words


Patience is a virtue, and I don't have it.

Patience is something I struggle with, daily.  I want to see where I am heading, know how I’m getting there, and take the quickest path there. 289 more words


One appointment down ... One to go!

Hey all! It’s been awhile since I last posted … I’m kinda slacking at this whole “blogger” thing. To be quite honest though, I haven’t had much to say or inform you all of since we’ve somewhat been at a standstill waiting for Brad’s urologist appointment and some answers!! 485 more words

Helpful Distractions.

It’s CD22 of cycle #3, and I think I’ve ovulated already!
According to my CM patterns and a rise in temp, anyway. FF is suggesting I ovulated somewhere between CD11 and CD19. 276 more words