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Footed pajams and a Redbox.

I saw a thing outside of the grocery store not long ago that made me sad, nostalgic, and guilty all at once.

I can’t remember what I was getting at the grocery store or what day it was, but I can picture the little scene in front of the grocery store like it was right before my eyes at this moment. 776 more words



Hiii! So before I begin with my three items I am thankful for, I thought I would share some interesting things (just 2 things!) that happened since my last post (crazy what can happen in less than 24 hours)! 449 more words



When there’s no more words left to say
then why do I even try
to act
to talk
to show
to care

When I’ve said all I could say… 85 more words


Look up

I fall fast

Feel hard

Live open

Because now is all we will ever have

Not a moment before or after

Feelings never shared

Words never spoken… 24 more words


I never feel good enough

I look at that girl in my class… the straight A student who used to be me. That should’ve been me… now I’m failing classes… I changed a lot this year. 357 more words


Rhodes Rugby 1st XV vs Fort Hare

Originally published on Activate:

On Friday, 15 May the Rhodes Rugby 1st XV team faced off against Fort Hare in the High Performance League, thumping them 36-15. 283 more words