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5 Ways to Add More Adventure to your Life

Adventures get us out of our ruts. They take us out of our daily life and give us something new to look at. Something new for our brains to digest and take in. 656 more words

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A Day Without TV...No, say it Isn't So 

So today I did something that was surprisingly easy. I knew I was going to do this sometime this year and I was not looking forward to it because I thought it would be really, really difficult. 383 more words

Change Your Brain

Wordpress.com vs. Wordpress.org 

Yesterday, I started a new class called WordPress basics. It’s one night a week for four weeks. I didn’t sign up for the class until yesterday because I teach three classes on Mondays, and I thought that trying to do that and then take a class myself would completely exhaust me. 159 more words

Change Your Brain

Try Something New! Marinara Sauce

I have so much I want to cover this week so I am going to get right into it. It is the end of the month and I want to give you something new to try. 733 more words

Asparagus Soup

Try something new...

Vegetable crisps…ummm hmmm on first impressions one may think no way, Jose! I say take a chance, open the bag…and you may actually discover something tasty.

Learning to Whistle 

Today, I attempted to learn how to whistle loudly with my fingers in my mouth. I looked at several different websites and tried different techniques and could only get a low whistle to come out. 61 more words

Change Your Brain

like that? try this. (session three)

we have some more alternative song options for your weekend jams.

if you like riptide” by vance joy, try mess is mine” by vance joy. 47 more words