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Rapid Cycling

The more my mood swings, the more I’m convinced it’s rapid cycling.  After yesterday, today I woke in “better spirits”, whateverthefuckthatmeans.  I didn’t feel as worthless as I did at my worst, but I sure as hell wasn’t “Happy Happy Happy”.   625 more words


gray mornings

those mornings you see like a cocoon while you haven’t slept all night.
and all you can imagine is,
something very beautiful.
so calm and so deep. 44 more words


Life with Me

 “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ~Robert Frost

I was born with the name of Rachel Hughey. 241 more words


Still Easy to Tumble and Fall

As many years as I have been walking,
it is still easy for me to tumble and fall.
Sometimes it is from a natural weakness, 142 more words


Write What You Mean: A Lesson from Ancient Petroglyphs

While traveling in the American Southwest the other day, my family went on a guided tour of a rocky park where we were able to view ancient petroglyphs dating to Pueblo tribes from the 1400s. 527 more words


Daily Discovery! 😂🙈

Today’s “Daily Discovery” is…

Thinking actually does hurt your brain…particularly when you’re not well!

Why you so mean to me brain? :( have mercy!

Also, tried to upload a cheeky picture of Albert Einstien and my IPhone kept shutting down the app 🙊…iPhone, why you no like Albert Einstien? 23 more words