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Blessings Bestowed

Interesting crux in a conversation describing why one thinks it is worth working through, why to choose to stand by someone and continue to offer unconditional care and concern when times get difficult and dark. 513 more words

The Journey

If you thought...

If you thought you knew him

he could be read like a book

Seeing is believing baby

turn the page –

take a look

If you thought you loved him…

75 more words
Kait King

Like Water

I remember the moment I let you break me. When the lust for life and my genuine smile started to fade, I miss that cheeky girl so much. 368 more words

Alex Garland

How to Be Helped

David makes a simple observation in Psalm 28 that has stuck with me for a couple of weeks now, so perhaps it is important…

He writes, … 679 more words


What I've Learned About...Appointments

Tom: Hot dam f*****g asshoke musgrave cancelled going 2show me 4a cold 1
Me: No shi**?
Tom: No f rhit
Me: You’re going to drink beer in the middle of the day? 306 more words


Don't Let the Hurts in Your Life Cripple You or Your Life!

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

When police pull people over and think that they have been drinking or are under the influence of drugs, they often make them take a test of simple task like walking a straight line.   759 more words


Comforting zone

Talking about That
is comforting for the mind,
makes the mind feel to be it,
to know everything and nothing about love, silence, freedom, change, will never, let go, person, oneness, marriage, surrendering, others, children, parents, out there, permission, you, me, within, fear, spirituality, union, the way, running away, begging, dieing, endless, end, rebirth, relationships, confusion, beauty, play, judgments, twin flames, living, believe, trust, life and all That… 70 more words