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To him.

  My heart has been through in a raged of emotions and God is my only companion. All I had was HIM and HE is more than enough and I am more blessed and genuinely content with it. 721 more words


Morocco, Shokran...

If there is anything that has reiterated my feelings on travel being my one true love, it was my trip to Morocco. I believe that after this trip, I am a full blown travel addict. 205 more words


Gi kapoy nakog higugma! (I am tired of loving!)

I always voice out to my previous blog entries that love is truly and really demanding.  It takes a lot of dedication, persistence, and perseverance to love and to follow its demands.  439 more words


Darkness. That’s where I while away my time now a days. And that’s what I even prefer. Because whenever my eyes happen to glance at something like your empty deodorant bottle on our dressing table or the pizza tripod which we kept as a souvenir after that late night cozy dinner on our vacation, my heart bleed fresh. 541 more words

Creative Writting

Fake Forgiveness = Resentment (The Opposite of Freedom): How my boyfriends dirty dishes helped me find my truth

My boyfriend and I rarely argue and if we do it is almost funny because it is usually an exchange of less than two sentences, and it ends in us looking at each other and laughing. 1,727 more words

Cajun Crawfish Season

One of my favorite seasons of the year has officially begun. CRAWFISH SEASON. Now if you have never heard of a crawfish, then this post is exactly what you need to be reading today. 101 more words



How I wish…

How I wish we met before,

A little before things became sore.

You and I will make a perfect couple,

But now we are just decked out trouble. 38 more words

Creative Writting