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I am so frequently told that my expectations of love are far too high; – ”it doesn’t happen like the movies” and ”stop dreaming” – are the replies I  receive after explaining what i desire in an intimate relationship. 231 more words


Don't Let the Coarseness Touch You

We live in a weird world. Or rather we are a generation of deviant souls who have no idea of what we are doing. We move around aimlessly, trying to figure out love and how to find ‘the one’. 1,265 more words


One Answered Prayer

Few years ago, I received a book entitled “40 Stories of Finding Your One True Love” by Bo Sanchez. At some point, the stories are quiet relatable. 1,300 more words


Fate and all that...

…That moment when your 15-year-old self knew what you should do with your life before your 22-year-old self…

There’s a story to go with the picture below. 343 more words


LOVE aaj_kl(these days).. <3

My life was simple.. it is not simple any more.. someone changed the way i used to think this world is..

I was in love now… 99 more words


Tak Sadarkah, ada yang mencintaimu?

Saat sedang merintih karena sakit.

Tak sadarkah, Allah sedang mencoba menghapus dosa-dosamu?

Saat sedang mencoba berjuang, lalu gagal.

Tak sadarkah, Allah sedang mengajarimu bagaimana caranya bersabar dan bertambah kuat? 154 more words

Selembar Kertas Dan Pena

Anyone else stuck in a wintery depression?

Thank you Pizza Pizza for posting this truth.  I’m finding this to be my life!