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Here's Our Love Story

It was in August of 2013 when we joined our services, incidentally, on the same date. It wasn’t love at first sight but slowly and gradually things began to change. 366 more words


I miss you like hell. I know that maybe right now there isn’t enough room for me in your life and that’s okay. It’s not something you need to apologize for because I love you too damn much to ever want you to do anything but what makes you happy. 173 more words

A semi-exhaustive list of weird/wonderful things

Sand in shoes. The smell of mothballs, aka Grandma. Humidity. Palm trees. Sleep. Internet friends. Independent Dairy ice cream. Sunburns. Getting up early. Staying up late. 50 more words


Thank you Jesus!

This evening there was nothing good on TV, so I kept channel surfing until I got to a Christian station; and a mass choir was singing these lyrics: 288 more words

Hardships of Keeping Love

Keeping up with some relationships
may get hard,
it can go up and down,
tumbling around corners of
each other’s heart.

Passion may not be enough, 184 more words



One word, four letters


Everyone wants to find that special someone, but how do you know that he/she is that someone?

Love makes people do stupid, crazing things, the things that sometimes we don’t even know why we did it. 89 more words


Have you ever find your True Love?

Where can we find true love? Is there any places, time, date, where can we exactly meet them? Is there any rules to obeyed for us to have this so-called-true-love of ours? 312 more words