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I Quit Writing. A True Story.

“I should work on that screenplay.” I thought, while logging onto Facebook. It was a typical Sunday. I finally get a few hours to myself to write, and I usually throw it away on…pretty much anything. 998 more words


Same Movie, Different Set

We sat in a circle. The people were taking it in turns to introduce themselves.

The lady next to me related a story about being hijacked at gunpoint, losing her husband to a younger tart and her fear of heights.  280 more words

What Makes YOU Smile

Why Did He Have To Seek To Escape?

I will call him *Chika. A dear friend. The first day I saw him, I couldn’t stop laughing. The way he swayed his hands, pursed his lip and batted his eyelashes. 789 more words


While speaking of fossils

Just over 26 years ago I was fresh out of Residency, ready to start my new practice, full of an arrogance to which only youth can do justice. 234 more words

True Story

To the girl who laughed at me whilst getting my photograph taken...

This photo…

It was at the One Fine Day Wedding Fair, while my sister was taking a photo of me in my Diana Kotb shirt. Me, who hates being photographed, who is totally awkward at ‘posing’ (see above) and is also in the PBB stage. 600 more words


Smile! Your Life May Depend On It.

You haven’t lived until you’ve been surrounded by an ever-growing angry mob of West African criminals.

“Not that old phrase!” you’re probably thinking.

I know. I’ll try to use less common sayings from here on out. 752 more words

True Stories