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The Archaeologist's Rite of Passage - The Trowel

In honor of my upcoming field school this summer, I got a little over-excited and the moment I got the list of required materials, I took a browser trip over to Amazon and picked up a couple of new toys. 254 more words


My Barbaric Yawp

Everything began when I was looking for a blog concept (as I said) and came across the phrase “hammer and tongs.” I thought it’d be a good one, considering my persistent novicehood (sic) in technology in general. 304 more words


Today I Threw In The Trowel

Today I threw in the trowel

hurled it down wicked growl

when I found it was a grave I’d dug

only thing left to do was shrug… 47 more words


23 hours, two hotels, and a sharp trowel!

Guess who just got her second post-graduate archaeology job? This archaeologist, right here ^_^

And more than that, it’s a phase III, YAY for data recovery! 77 more words

Houseplants, Part One: Basic Information

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I can’t believe the year is almost done! Christmas was very nice this year.

I know we had a nice time, despite my little girl getting sick on Christmas day. 581 more words

Garden tools a women should have

Burgon and Ball Hand Trowel: Slightly smaller than most, this resistance beauty can get into tight spots.

Sneeboer Raised Bed Cultivator: Three tined classic. Long enough to reach under shrubs. 92 more words


Shovels for Survival

If you have the room for it, a shovel/digging tool can be of use.  Digging can get you food (grubs and other ground dwelling insects to eat or as bait), water (subsurface), keep you dry (water redirection), provide shelter (snow cave or igloo), reduce risk of illness or unwanted wildlife (burying wastes) and even be an impromptu weapon.  409 more words

Emergency Preparedness