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Story: 2247 and The H&M Twin

On my way back to work from lunch, I walked briskly through the halls of the local mall to reach my target 10,000 steps a day. 452 more words


My print quality is poor and I think my print heads may be clogged. How do I clean the print heads?

Poor quality prints are a common occurrence and can have several possible causes. Sometimes we need to eliminate the probable causes one at a time before going to the expense of… 455 more words


Android: Unable to Install on USB or SD Card

Problem: This problem usually occurs when attempting to download an app from the app store.  The app will finish downloading then a pop up will appear that says: 84 more words


Using BitNami

The final stage of development in Installing and Running WordPress: BitNami is Using BitNami. This section covers Troubleshooting, Uninstalling BitNami on Windows and Uninstalling BitNami on Mac.


Winlogon initiates shutdown. Reason Code: 0x500ff

One machine decided it didn’t want to work anymore. The event viewer showed a message logged where the winlogon initiated a shutdown with the Reason Code: 0x500ff. 37 more words


Troubleshoot: King of Thieves Connection Error

King of Thieves is a game for mobile devices that allows you to create dungeons to guard your treasure and try your hand at stealing those of others.   166 more words


iLO 3 reports (Error code: ssl_error_bad_mac_alert)

We are transitioning our console management setup and one of the Windows systems reported an error when trying to access it through the iLO management port. 114 more words