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"May God have mercy on your soul."


Some of you bloggers slay me! I may literally die laughing. You can save your prayers for me and shove them up your ass pumpkin. 68 more words


Another reason to hate Google

I had written a post a few days ago and scheduled it to be published today, to try to keep posting with some regularity even with my current wonky new world. 299 more words


Why do atheist bloggers shame themselves?

“Everyone will hate you because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

– Mark 13:13

Since I started a Christian blog, I have thought of that verse even more than John 3:16 but, I guess, hate is a part of the reality of being a Christian in a post Christian world. 161 more words


He could defecate on them and they would dance in the streets

An angry and juvenile atheist troll who has been told in no uncertain terms he has been banned from commenting on this blog just commented anyway with something like… 304 more words


‘League of Legends’ testing automated system to combat abusive behaviour

TORONTO – The company behind one of the world’s most popular online games, “League of Legends,” is taking a stand against abusive behaviour and language from its users. 385 more words


Link your blog to your gravatar

So, it’s a good idea to link your blog to your Gravatar if you wish to be found. Or not, if you prefer to remain hidden. 699 more words

Bored and Uninterested

Last week, I once again found myself fending off angry responses regarding breastfeeding. Now, I know I’m not one to shy away from controversy this time, I swear, I wasn’t looking to cause any trouble. 831 more words

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