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Weary Heart

The mess when hearts collide,

Pain and loss, come with the joyful side.

Flirting with insecurity,

Praying for assurance – see?

Want control and outcomes guaranteed, 62 more words


Palm Sunday Reflections

March will soon come to an end. I find endings and beginnings to be important times to slow down and reflect and consider where I am and what I’m thinking about what has come to be and what is yet to be. 712 more words

Something To Think About

TRIUMPH: Photo 101 Assignment Word

When we moved into a small house that was going to take a lot of remodeling, one of the earlier challenges we faced was how we were going to fit our old, upright piano through the maze of cinder-block porch walls and varied levels of the cement walkways between these walls and the house. 323 more words


Photo101: Triumph & Contrast

“Triumph comes in all shapes and sizes: finding enough coffee to make a full pot. Having just enough gas in the tank to get to the filling station. 159 more words



The Triumphant Christ!

When we are born again, you and I are filled with the Person of the Triumphant Christ! Think about it. What a great liberating truth. 369 more words


Photography 101: Triumph

Here is my interpretation for the last theme of Photography 101: Triumph. In my opinion, a plant which grows on an unusual surface has a hard life. 97 more words


Pubs and Street Eats 5: Chicago Gyro's and Dogs

The week right before the first day of spring, I rode to work four days; the week after, just the opposite (Technically four and a… 643 more words