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News from Year 1

We have been very busy in Year 1! We’ve had a visit from a dentist, a trip to Monkey World, we’ve been working on the outside area of our classroom and taking part in Art Week.


Jeep Beach

April finally arrived and everyones thoughts were on the upcoming Mid Florida Jeep Clubs 12th annual Jeep Beach Event. We kept getting updated all week on trying to beat the Guinness world record for the longest Jeep Parade. 547 more words


The Real "Expat" Wives of Singapore

And so it begins…the story of our Expat friendship that started on Facebook.  Michelle and I have added to our little group with the addition of Frances (the Irish Lassie), Lisa (Southern Belle), and Kristin (California Girl)  For whatever reason, our paths have crossed and I couldn’t be more grateful.   298 more words


Week in the big city

Last fall my sister moved to New York City for graduate school, which has been so exciting for her, and also great for me because it’s the first time in over seven years that we’ve lived near each other. 198 more words


Salt, Sea & Fresh Oysters

This is what perfection is to me:

A long drive through the cool, misty rain forests of the Pacific Northwest

Water scintillating across the ocean, sunlight shattering the surface… 81 more words



Fun fact: I was going to study abroad here. For most of my life, I wanted to study abroad in Spain. I was determined to come home fluent in Spanish and finally be able to say I’m bilingual (linguistics major dreams, bear with me, please). 1,681 more words