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Learning What???

Education is traditionally viewed as an institution for learning. Learning what?

“What did you learn in school today?” – Dad

“Nothing.” – Me

That was the standard conversation shared between my Dad and I at the end of a school day, pretty much throughout the entirety of my academic career. 467 more words


The ROI of Human Economics

This is a continuation of (pssst….Don’t Tell Anyone) We’re PEOPLE! Human economics, the new Business Hip

I’ve proposed in The Greater Good that organizations have a huge, largely untapped influencer potential over the overall strength of our social fabric: not just standard of living but also quality of life (QoL). 837 more words

Community; Society

Sustainability- What It Is And What It Isn't

Sustainability. Oh yes, that buzz word that everybody loves to use and abuse nowadays. It’s one of those words that gets twisted and turned in ways that don’t make sense; like a 5th grader who gets hold of a thesaurus for the first time and uses big words out of context. 523 more words

The Triple Layered Business Model Canvas - A Tool to Design More Sustainable Business Models

by Alexandre Joyce

Since 2012, I have been looking for a way to add environmental and social aspects into the original business model canvas. After three years of research, design, development and testing, the triple layered business model canvas was published at the first… 413 more words

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Increasing GDP

This has been copied from the internet, and I do not know the original source.

Two economists were walking down the street one day when they passed two large piles of dog shit. 143 more words



STRATEGI yang dilakukan perusahaan pada saat ini agar tetap sustain tidak hanya fokus pada aspek ekonomi perusahaan (seperti stategi konvensional sebelumnya) tetapi juga mencakup aspek lingkungan dan sosial. 44 more words

Manajemen Operasi

The Case For Social Entrepreneurship in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of the most unique places on Earth, and practically everyone who lives here, or has even visited here, will tell you that same thing. 582 more words

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