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Take me back to...Cuba

If you were to ask me where I was two years ago on this day, I would tell you that I was in Cuba on my honeymoon. 324 more words


Take a trip to Thessaloniki this summer

Thessaloniki is the capital of Greek Macedonia and second biggest city that has rich history and a famous cuisine of their popular sweet desserts and dishes. 754 more words


Road Well Traveled

Well I have done it! I committed myself to wildlife, nature and landscape photography. It has always been my passion ever since I picked up the camera almost seven years ago but I wasn’t able to get out there and do it.  298 more words

Folsom RV Expert Tips on Preparing for the First Trip This Summer

Summer is definitely the best time to explore the wonders and the splendor of the Golden State, and what better way to explore the great outdoors than to gather the family for a ride on your RV? 42 more words

一個人的旅行計劃 [2015.Jul.08]

有錢,總係身痕? 去旅行,成日都諗,呢一年都無離開過香港



一直都想自己試下去一次旅行,作為working holiday的熱身

八月的暑期尾,計劃緊去一個short trip作為可能係最後一個summer holiday(我相信唔係)






One trip

We are staring at the blue green lake,
sitting on a blue plank of wood,
“It’s going to rain”, you say
I look down on my white dress and smile. 160 more words


Montana Trip - Prologue

I wrote this a few years ago before a trip of the North Shore of Minnesota on the All-American Route 60.  I was planning on starting a blog on my travels last year but never really got around to it.  875 more words