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Backing It Up: The Old Testament Hope of Indwelling

Before we press further into the New Testament passages that explore the truth of indwelling we need to back up and consider the Old Testament background to this magnificent promise. 307 more words


As Above, So Below: The Triad

Readers commonly look at the pagan world as the plurality of gods, while noticing that the Hebrews had a unitary concept of God. When the teaching of the Trinity arises within the Christian tradition, the typical observer might be confused as to whether this constitutes a plurality or a solitary view of God. 548 more words


The Trinity

Many have tried to explain the Triune God in simple language using various analogies.  My favorite is water.  Liquid water is H2O.  Ice is H2O.  Water vapor is H2O,  Water, ice, and vapor are different forms of… 1,393 more words



“Let’s put you in the position of a ‘child of wisdom’ so you have that… Zen mind or ‘beginners mind’… but you also have the wisdom of the adult, so you become this fresh force in the universe which is…very opposed to external authority because it isn’t necessary…because we are standing on our own two feet and realizing that the ‘authority’ emanates within us. 822 more words

Laws Of Nature And Creation

North Texas Snow Day(s)

Well, we’ve now had our annual visit to the frozen tundra and I think we’re all ready for it to go away already!  Clearly, most folks I talk to around these parts are ready for it to warm up!

In His Own Image: The Trinity of the Sexes

At some point or another in each of our lives we are forced to wrestle with some aspect of the duality of the sexes. Most often this wrestling match takes place within the context of the relationship, of one partner slowly but surely coming to understand that, by in large, the sexes see and react to life much differently from one another. 1,635 more words

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