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Korean Hushpuppies

Inspired by the Cajun trinity: peppers, onions & garlic, I decided to create a recipe using what I deem to be the Korean trinity: kimchi, onions & seaweed. 321 more words


Trinity Energy Group - About Us

Vice Chairman – Dr. R Gerald Bailey

Dr. R Gerald Bailey is the chairman of Bailey Petroleum LLC in Houston, Texas, Bailey Petroleum LLC is involved in exploration and production ventures, with both consultation and working interest participation. 406 more words


When Courage Is a Better Inheritance Than a Camaro

In preparing for a sermon on Ruth 4, I was looking for stories of those who maintained or lost their hope in God. As I scrounged around, I found something of a… 498 more words


The Top Six (G Rated) Things That Are a Rush Like No Other

What makes you feel alive? Like, really alive? Is it music? Perhaps running or exercising? Maybe it is going to church and worshipping God. Perhaps it’s participating in or watching a sporting event.  1,214 more words

Does the Magesterium save the Trinity from Sola Scriptura?

The doctrine of Sola scriptura is, I believe, a major problem for protestant theologians. Sola Scriptura is the doctrine that the bible is the sole infallible rule of faith, in can be summed up my Martin Luther in his Smalcald Articles: 2,032 more words


Indwelt: The Presence of God In Us

Biblical scholar Alfred Edersheim said this about the indwelling of the Spirit. “The absolutely highest stage of intercourse with God is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament Church, when man’s individuality is not superseded nor suppressed, but transformed, and thus conformed to Him in spiritual fellowship.” 67 more words


He Speaks: Aaron The Priest

In Exodus 4:27 the Lord spoke to Aaron instructing him to meet his brother Moses. Together Moses and Aaron received instructions on God’s plan for delivering Israel out of Egypt. 1,697 more words