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I’ve been away working for the last week and I’m still feeling a bit cream crackered and brain activity is at an all time low. However, I will soldier on and hope that some of my few remaining brain cells start to connect while I’m writing this post. 1,006 more words


Tower of Triffids

Date: 9 February 1986

Game System: Chivalry and Sorcery
Gamemaster: Player P

Narrator: Beorn Frankie Biskit, 6th level natural talent medium


Role Playing

MUSIC REVIEW | ***AUSSIE WEEK 2*** The Triffids – Born Sandy Devotional (1986)

Even with no real prior knowledge of a band’s output, you can usually make a kind of educated guess about what to expect.  From a band’s legacy, to the kinds of people who still talk about them, to bands seen as their influences, contemporaries and descendants, to the era of their active years.  432 more words


The (3 Days) of the Triffids

On collecting the keys for the Secret Acre in July 2014, one urgent task was to excavate the greenhouse and save it from the Triffids… 215 more words

Paul Rainger

The beast, the triffids, and the goal...

I finished the beast by taking out the Serpentine stone after I gouged a great big 5mm wide trough through it from one side to the other and managed to work with it on the Jool Tool (beginning to like this thing) until it was looking better. 327 more words

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On A Personal Note...With Lee Ketch Of Mooner

Lee Ketch

Song essay for Music. Defined.


The Triffids – Wide Open Road

I know The Triffids’ “Wide Open Road” is my favorite song because it has remained my favorite song for more than five minutes. 1,085 more words


Just in case you were missing me.

I thought I’d send you all a pic of my mantle.

Soil crumbs an’ all.

I love all of my mates.

Although P rolls his eyes. 64 more words

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