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Batjac Presents: April Fools Day

There are many holidays that celebrate national heroes, religious events, and important dates in history, but April 1 is the only day that celebrates pranks, practical jokes and foolishness. 109 more words

April Fool's Day 2015 prank ideas!

April Fool’s Day is nearly here! So, I have 7 hilarious prank ideas ready for you to try out!

  1. Paint clear nail varnish over a bar of soap.
  2. 535 more words

Using Date Formats in AngularJS

In this post I am going to show, how we can use various date formats in AngularJS. This is my 7th blog in AngularJS series 292 more words


Best Ways To Peel Boiled Easter Eggs

When we need to peel the eggs we just roll them around on the counter and the peel comes off with ease. I found several youtube videos that show various methods used to remove the shell from the egg. 48 more words


Tips And Tricks On Managing Your Reputation

When two companies offer the same thing, the one with the best reputation tends to gain more customers. A consumer would always rather do business with someone who is known for having a good reputation. 39 more words

How To Pull The Best April Fools Trick On Friends With iPhones

Looking to play a fun trick on your friends this April Fools? All you need is a friend with an iPhone with iOS8 and the ability to text. 101 more words