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 Dear Readers!! जब कभी Mobile की Battery निकाल देने या Battery के एकदम से Discharge हो जाने की वजह से आपके Mobile का Time बिगड़ जाता है तो आप क्या करते हैं?? 42 more words


Fitness Friday - The Dreadmill

There was a time that I enjoyed the treadmill. My little escape from mommyhood. I would get on there and zone out, bang out a few miles and be done. 258 more words


WhatsApp error: your phone date is inaccurate SOLVED

Hello Friends,

This is the problem People face while initializing WhatsApp.

When we initialize WhatsApp (mobile, Tab anywhere), it shows an error –

Your phone date is inaccurate! 107 more words


Illusions that'd make you question your sanity!!



Trust me those are two perfect concentric circles ;)



And yeah!! Those lines are parallel :p Use a ruler no!!

5. … 62 more words


A quick Guide: How to fold your SUIT?

In situations where your suit is destined for the suitcase, fold it neatly and pack it at the bottom of your suitcase so it doesn’t move around during transit. 104 more words

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Beauty tips and tricks

Eyeliner bugging you? We have just the beauty trick you need, right here at hushling!

Are you one of those people who attempt winged eyeliner and fail miserably? 112 more words


This Lady Taught Her Dog To Read And Wants To Teach Other Dogs Too

Maureen Ward, a Kentucky dog trainer, claims she taught her dog Mia how to read. Not only is she is ready to prove it, she also wants to spread canine literacy, one dog at a time. 239 more words

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