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The Sunday Review: Training weeks 23 to 25

So the last three weeks have flown by! With the exception of the training that I did while on the cycle holiday, I haven’t done any decent exercise except for a lot of walking and a couple of quick swims in the sea (one was very quick!). 255 more words


On Yer Bike!

This week we took to our bikes and headed for the New Forest. Meet Rodney and Howard who have their own big event coming up too. 39 more words

Harvey Taylor

For today, I will mostly be excited 

There is a lot to report from this week, I could bore you for hours…instead, I will draw upon the highlights. Well, the most radiant highlights as it was a pretty darn good week. 2,100 more words

Grizzly Tri 2015

Hey reader, nice to see you again! I’ve had a busy spring, what with all the shirking of responsibilities and neglecting this blog. That stuff is hard work. 1,231 more words

Running/Fitness: It's Been a While

I’ve had so much going on, from desperately trying to cope with depression and move over my own personal issues, to professional concerns at work and recovering from surgery (I can’t believe it’s been over 4 months since now and I still have numbness/not quite feeling right in some areas) that I really haven’t been focusing on my health, athletic ambitions and ironman goal nearly enough. 562 more words


East Coast Triathlon - First Tri of 2015 and Review

It seemed so long ago when I signed up for this, however it came around so quickly, how is it April already!!

For some reason I lost all confidence in my ability to complete a Triathlon and was in panic mode again. 460 more words