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Ironmen and Mad Fish (The Art of Spectatoring)

Hello 3am, we should stop meeting like this. Although we don’t do it all that often. Being a spectator at a running race or triathlon is something the kids and I have down to a fine art. 2,254 more words


Go Time

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

                                                                                                                           -Arnold Schwarzenegger… 3,800 more words

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The Athens Olympic equestrian complex

Yesterday I wrote about the history of the Greek racing and the establishments in which it used to and takes place. I wrote that today the only race course in Greece is situated in the super modern centre in Markopoulo, 8km from Athens International Airport. 180 more words


¡Entrenar en la nieve!

Ya me lo habían advertido… La mismísima Leanda Cave me dijo que era muy valiente pasar el invierno en Boulder en una plática de vestidores en el gym. 742 more words


When there's nothing to say, say nothing.

My mum used to say this. I don’t know why. She always had something to say, mostly critical.

In the last three weeks I’ve only run. 110 more words


Power Vs. Efficiency


A quick word on power output. I was trolling some of the forums when I was considering changing from platform peddles to clipless (which is a dumb F-ing name given that you ‘clip in’ but I digress.) Anyway, some people were trying to say it mattered if you clipped in, others were citing sources that say it doesn’t give you any advantage. 389 more words

Endurance Sports

You can swim breaststroke at Triathlons!

The last part of my Triathlon journey was the swim.

I enjoyed swimming at the gym pool, and spent the odd 30 minutes once a week or so gently swimming breaststroke. 281 more words

In The Beginning