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Racing days are here again.....

Its the day before Stockton Duathlon and this is the race that originally kicked off all this multi sport madness one year ago….

Since then I’ve completed various duathlons and triathlons and loved everyone but now is really when I see how far I’ve come as I have a PB in this race to beat. 158 more words


USAT Collegiate Nationals

Tomorrow’s the day. Collegiate nationals has changed a lot since the last time I did it in 2007. Now there’s a whole Snapchat story everyone keeps sending things into and more Specialized Shivs than I’ve ever seen at a race. 21 more words


Yes! Yes! Yes! So many women in sport inspiring me!

Kathrine Switzer

When only men ran marathons – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-27025249

Julie Moss’ amazing Hawaiin Ironman story…

When I’m feeling lame on the treadmill I will just think of these two amazing women and hopefully it’ll give me that extra push I need!




In this publication we want to give you any advice for beginning your school triathlon. Let’s talk about the structure and distribution of meetings. In this latter case we suggest that the structure of the session the following diagram: 800 more words


My First Triathlon

What better way to kick off my first post on my triathlon page than with a post about my first triathlon? Whilst this was a year and a half ago now I thought it would still be useful for any beginner triathletes out there to have an idea about what another athletes first race was like if you are currently in the build up to yours! 1,400 more words


Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team

(Admit it, that song is totally stuck in your head now, isn’t it?  #sorrynotsorry because I love that movie.)

I know that I’ve mentioned in passing (in some of my pitifully few blog posts in recent months*) that Brian and I joined a local racing team, but I haven’t written too much specifically about it.  1,489 more words



Oioioi! Eg har lenge gått og leika med tanken om å vera med på Axtri, men har liksom tenkt at eg måtte fullføra Ironman Haugesund først. 112 more words