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Dare to Dream God's Dreams for You!

Genesis 37

Peter Marshall… chaplain to the US Senate in the 40’s once preached about the faithfulness of God and made the following statement:

 No one yet has ever set out to test God’s promises fairly, thoroughly, … 852 more words

Sermon Illustrations And Devotionals

Lessons learned from 'Mindset'

I’ve just finished reading the book Mindset, by Carol Dweck (link to the Amazon page). This was recommended to me by the fantastic course leader, Andrea Mapplebeck, on the New and Aspiring Heads of Science course at the National Science Learning Centre, which I completed this year. 642 more words



Follicept has had a big buzz on the internet lately, mostly due to the fact that it will soon begin trials on human subjects. Follicept… 368 more words

James 1 - Week 3 of Bible Study on Faith

1:1 James, a servant. James identifies himself as a slave of God and of Christ. A bondservant (text note) is one purchased and owned by a master or “lord.” This indicates not only humility on the part of the James but a profound testimony to his conversion to faith in his earthly half brother as his Redeemer ( 240 more words

No Time to Title This Post

Today I was reading Tozer – – I love Tozer.  I mean, not quite as much as Jack, but I think they would have gotten along just dandy. 245 more words

Castaway from One's Own Island

It has been 11 years and 7 months now since I left my hometown, Iloilo City, Philippines. The years went by fast. The memory of the island’s beauty was buried in my heart-so deep, that it hurts to think sometimes. 1,119 more words

Timeline Reflection

Evening Meditation | 25 April 2015

“Comfort is not about knowing your life will be okay, but about being sure you’ll have the grace you need to face it when it’s not okay.”

Paul Tripp


Evening Meditation