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The lady in controversies all the time: Hope Solo!

USA quite got the world cup, but the treatment to one of the star players, Hope Solo; arrested for charges against domestic violence! Quite reveals the double standards in there! 29 more words


Horrific Crash In Tour De France Third Stage

Chris Froome might have lost the war, but he continues to be the ultimate winner! The mind boggling crash that took place could have turned into shoddier one; the sky rider drove off and made his way through the final kick up, and was then passed by Rodriguez, the climbing specialist, which… 7 more words


Be Inspired by the Life Lived

Create something new and beautiful. Step out of the box and inspire people to create meaning. Challenge yourself to challenge the funeral director to change his ways. 1,656 more words


Happy Birthday World's Best Cricket Captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MS Dhoni turned 34 on Tuesday keeping in mind birthdays are constantly unique, this one is his first as a glad father to a cute infant young lady. 32 more words


The Most Trustworthy Sources for Women Shoppers

In today’s multimedia, digital advertising/promotion environment, consumers do not view all sources as equally trustworthy (or very trustworthy). For this post, let’s consider the trustworthiness of media by women consumers. 127 more words

Social And Digital Media

Video is 2X as Effective as Banner Ads!

New surveys show that using video in your online ads and promotions is twice as effective in garnering customer engagement than old-fashioned static banner ads. And that results in higher revenues.This information can help you shape your online outreach (EBM can help you shape your videos and content!).

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Be Emotional!

Yes, it’s important to be professional when you make presentations or give a speech. But that doesn’t mean being expressionless or “deadpan.” Emotions engage your audience and help get your points across. 15 more words