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Burglary suspect cries in court after realizing judge is former classmate

A Florida man accused of burglary unexpectedly reunited with a former middle school classmate in court. The 49-year-old man got emotional when he remembered the girl, who is now a judge, from 35 years ago. 76 more words


Guy Gets Beaten Badly After He Sucker Punched A Stranger

This guy picked the wrong guy to start a fight with. After he sneaks him with a punch to the throat, he gets a brutal beatdown courtesy of the guy in the green shirt.

Ann Enjoy..


Inmate Gets Knocked Out On Beyond Scared Straight


As the cameraman follows a juvenile getting ‘scared’ by inmates acting rowdy behind a glass, a random knockout happens in the background. An inmate uses this opportunity to KO┬ásomeone he has an issue with, while creating a viral video. 26 more words