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Sometimes I see trending hashtags & I have an instant thought.

No, I didn't stop at Taco Bell on my way home… …& dispose of the evidence.

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The Controversy of Greek Life: Greek Perspective

While growing up, I understood what Greek Life was as both of my parents are a part of it. I asked them what it was all about and they told me that it was simply a way for them to get involved and meet people. 458 more words


The Controversy of Greek Life: Past and Future

In Greek Life, it may seem that racist incidents are a relatively new problem with pictures and videos going viral, such as the video of members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Oklahoma. 368 more words


The Controversy of Greek Life: Non-Greek Perspective

With all the recent scandal being featured in the news and media, I can see where Greek life collectively gets a bad reputation. However, these scandals are not representative of the entire Greek life community. 326 more words


The Controversy of Greek Life: On a Lighter Note

When it comes to Greek Life, there are two groups of people. When I say two groups, I mean two very distinct groups. Distinct as in you can actually pick them out within five seconds of a Greek Life scandal hitting the internet. 486 more words