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Busy bank holiday days

So another long weekend has been and gone, my last one till Christmas (I am on holiday for our August one) and for a change I actually did something with it. 220 more words


Reaping rewards

I finally ordered a DSLR camera, and it’s coming in the mail tomorrow! I’m nervously excited about it. My guilt over spending the money loops me back around to thinking about the obscene amount I’ve saved by not drinking, so then I just feel pleased about it again.  305 more words


Nutro Crunchy Treats

Happy Memorial Day!

Teton and I hope you are spending time with loved ones today and taking a moment to appreciate the sacrifices made by those who serve. 421 more words

Treat Jar

How to Eat Grass (by Liliana)

As any baby who has never eaten grass knows, it is a scrumptious treat enjoyed only by those clever enough to subvert their Mommy’s or Daddy’s attempts to stop them, or the lucky spoiled babies whose parents love them more than mine do. 547 more words

Life With Liliana

Spiced Apple Cake

If you are like me and love those foods that take you back to a fond memory, then this is the cake for you!

It reminds me of being young and just starting school in the autumn. 336 more words


Baking #19: Homemade Graham Crackers

My son is a great eater. Thanks to Baby Led Weaning he has had the opportunity to taste a huge variety of flavors because we tend to eat a variety of flavors and what’s for dinner for us is for dinner for him. 405 more words


Cinnamon Rolls in the Waffle Iron!

Do you have a waffle iron? This might be the easiest and most delicious thing you can do with it. We love waffles, but this sweet treat is faster and easier, requiring no mixing and half the cooking time! 66 more words

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