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DIY Healthy Kitty Treats

Come back tomorrow for a special DIY for High-Protien Bird Treats!

Until next time,

Greener’ista Ash

DIY Kitty Tuna Treats

Come back tomorrow for another pet DIY for Healthy Kitty Treats.

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Greener’ista Ash

Banana Bread

I’ve been wanting to make a banana bread for a while now and since I had 3 very ripe bananas I thought it was the perfect occasion!  264 more words


Financial Friday: How much do your treats cost?

Hi friends,

Budget check!  What is your main indulgence and how much does it cost?
First, figure out what your main indulgence is – you probably know what it is already, if you don’t, check your bank statement and it should be glaringly clear. 95 more words

Cookies-n-Crème Meringue Cake

Hey everyone! Today’s post is courtesy of the leftovers (and no not the HBO show), today I’m posting about the tastiest cake my roommate said I’ve ever made and has requested for her birthday cake (although she does that with a lot of the cakes I’ve made) and it’s incredibly simply too! 1,185 more words


Healthy Icecream? IT EXISTS!

Yum, here is how to make your own DIY Icecream!

You need:

  • Greek/ thick and creamy yogurt
  • A bowl
  • Chocolate/strawberries etc.


  1. Blend equal amounts of flavouring (strawberries, chocolate, caramel etc.
  2. 45 more words