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The Script - First Draft

I finished work on my first script for my short film “A Game of Bluffs” (working title). I would appreciate any constructive criticisms as I will be completing a second draft next week to continue developing it. 36 more words


Trying To Deal With A Difficult Situation

I am torn by two conflicting sets of feelings and thoughts today. I must get up and take myself somewhere I do not want to go. 859 more words

Hello Sunshine ! Welcome Springtime !

Enjoy 2 new massage treats to prepare for Springtime !
Serene Massage by Axelle Tixier is launching 2 new Spring treats, to revive your senses and give you that feel of the sweet sun on your skin. 215 more words


Strep - It's Worse Than Childbirth!

I avoid doctor’s offices like the plague, and am a huge proponent of at-home, natural remedies.  My son and I got the flu last year, and not once did we set foot in a doctor’s office.   327 more words

Maya's Farewell Tour

We don’t know how much time she has left with us… could be a week, or could be months.  I’m thinking about Maya having a “Farewell” Tour.   49 more words

Mast Cell Tumors

empty product review: loreal hair mask

Today I finished a bottle of L’oreal Paris Advanced Hair care Color Vibrancy Instant Shock Lightweight Melting Mask. this hair mask contains antioxidants and linseed oil. 123 more words


What in the World is Robotripping?

Authored by Amy Kershisnik, LCSW – Family Therapist

Did you know roughly 1 in 30 teens reports abusing DXM to get high? Dextromethorphan (DXM) is an ingredient found in many over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicines. 304 more words

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