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Truce Signed, Peace Treaty Talks Begin

After a short series of talks with opposition figures and serious consideration of the suffering of Stadtderflammen’s people on all sides, a truce of indefinite duration has been signed by the Freedom League and the Individual State. 310 more words

Canada signs on to treaty to provide books for the blind

From bookstores filled with the hottest new bestsellers to libraries packed with resources for research, many Canadians have easy access to an abundance of reading material. 631 more words

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Mr. President: The More You Attack Us, The More We'll Fight Back

Once burned twice shy, these types of idioms exist for a reason and as Mike Lux so eloquently put it, the people who are questioning the need for treaties such as TPP and TPPIP are so not stupid. 271 more words

Congress One Step Closer To Granting Fast-Track Authority For Passing Mysterious Trans-Pacific Trade Treaty

Global trade deals are kind of arcane stuff. Diplomats spend years or decades negotiating them, in an endless series of meetings around the world. Not only do all the i’s need to be dotted and t’s crossed, but every a, an, and, if, then, and but needs to be reviewed, revised, discussed, and agreed upon ten times over. 688 more words

Stop it!

A compromise between us is
Impossible–“Under which Lyre,” Auden

What do these have in common?

Stop Fast Track

For one thing, they all urge action without clearly explaining why. 45 more words


International Frameworks on Climate Change

Over the past couple of years, i have become familiarised with climate change progress and stagnation.

The very essence of progress and hope in this arena, is unfortunately crushed by the realistic nature of the world. 217 more words


Lands Claims Coalition

The Land Claims Agreements Coalition works to ensure that comprehensive land claims
and associated self-government agreements are respected, honoured and fully
implemented in order to achieve their objectives. 205 more words