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Surviving a Week in Scotland --- With a Baby

I hear that travelling with an infant can be harrowing. Or not. Riti Roy takes us through Scotland, over glens and lochs and through ancient Georgian castles, on a 6-day itinerary. 1,612 more words


Travelogues: The Bulgarian Face-Off

Like a screaming banshee, the sound emerged from the shadows beyond the cobblestone street. I spun around, coming face-to-face with my most formidable adversary yet. Dropping back, I prepared for the inevitable onslaught… :) 9 more words


Italia is pronounced Eataly not Italy

Hello humans!! So here I am one more time!

Today I’m going to write about my most recent trip: Italy… There’s so much to say about it I don’t know where to start. 840 more words


San Francisco - a place for young souls

Hello strangers!! So here I am, back to what I like: writing about my adventures… So let’s get to the point.

As I told you in my last post, I had the opportunity to visit San Francisco back in September and all I can say about it is “the dream city”, at least for a young woman like me… Young people, good places to eat (not so cheap but worth the money), healthy people, few kids, good for entertainment, I mean, you have everything in just one city. 705 more words


Vancouver Island and surroundings - More than beauty

Hier abgebildete Fotos können von nun an mit drei unterschiedlichen Kameras geschossen worden sein, meiner alten Canon Ixus 870 IS, meinem neuen Smartphone Sony Xperia Z2 oder meiner neuen Kamera Olympus PEN E-PL5. 485 more words


Overcome Home Sickness

Home Sickness is a common, short-term condition of the emotional system. It can cause bouts of sad-like emotions during times one would otherwise be happy – such as a holiday. 254 more words


Blogging Lessons Learned

We all start blogs for different reasons.  I started this blog a little over three years ago as a means to personally document our travels and keep family and friends up to date on our journey.  1,194 more words