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Dublin in Detail (2002)

Continuing on my adventures for my first visit to Ireland in 2002, we’re setting out from Cobh, near Cork, to Dublin this morning by train, under gray skies.  2,419 more words


Deosai National Park

Some years back me and my Australian friend, who I would refer to as John here, went to the famous Deosai National Park. Also on agenda was Nanga Parbat, which is kind on the way if you are taking the route through Astore and Camp Chilum. 376 more words


October 13, 2014 - Rome, Italy - Enveloped in the Power of Rome

Our first full day in Rome will be one of those instances  in life where you have a multitude of explicit memories.  After our long flight covering eight time zones, we weren’t out of bed until after ten.   2,193 more words


Travelogue Week 2015-08: EP Spotlight

This week’s travelogue focuses on five outstanding EPs released this year: An emotive ambient film score by Kevin Verwijmeren, a pastoral nostalgic dream by… 1,363 more words


The Native New Yorker Takes on Rome: Take Me to Church

If there is thing you have to do at least once in Italy is to visit a church.  I mean really we’re talking about the country that help the insane amount of wealth and power of the Catholic church.   253 more words

Cobh, Ireland, a brief visit

For the first of my blog posts for Irish Month aka Begorrathon, I bring you my visit to Cobh, a small town near Cork city in Ireland. 2,164 more words


Mukshpuri Peak (Nathia Gali)

A few years back me and my friend went to hike the famous Mukshpuri peak in Natia Gali. We reached Dunga Gali which is a few kilometers short of Nathia Gali and checked into the famous Mukshpuri hotel. 498 more words