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The Beginning of The End

When I started blogging last summer, my only goal was to chronicle our year as expats in Kuala Lumpur. We were still in Dallas and had only a vague idea of what was ahead. 1,291 more words

Expat Life

The Reality of Traveling

Traveling is fun to dream about, but the reality of it is far from fantasy. Traveling is great and is always worth it, but consistently traveling can be extremely demanding. 439 more words


Rujak Cingur (Indonesia, Surabaya Traditional Food)

vegetables salad with spicy sauce. Literally “cingur” means mouth in Javanese. This food has become the unique taste of Surabaya. The flavour is really unique, because it combines of slices of cooked buffalo or beef lips, yam bean (bengkuang), young raw mango, pineapple, cucumber, bean sprout, kangkung ( water convolvulus), lontong (compressed rice), fried tofu and tempe, all served with  black sauce made from fried garlic, chillies, a slice of young banana,  petis (black fermented shrimp paste) and ground peanuts.


Kepada Rumi, Saya Patah Hati

Konya – Turkey, 28 Desember 2014

 Hujan rintik-rintik menyisakan embun di kacamata saya.

Jujur saja saya paling tidak suka saat tak mampu melihat dengan sempurna. Kacamata yang berembun membuat saya pincang, buram jalan dan manusia melebur layaknya santan putih yang dituang di semangkok bubur ketan hitam. 1,391 more words


Getting Outta Town

Getting out of town for the weekend, anyone wanna join me ?

I’m Waiting for you.


We’re Ready.


Got My Luggage, Got My Cat, Ready To Go! 15 more words

A Little Of The Best !

Selamat Pagi dari Pasar Burung Yogyakarta

Pasar Bursa Tanaman Hias Yogyakarta merupakan bursa hewan dan tanaman hias yang ada di Yogyakarta. Pasar ini menjual Tanaman hias dan Burung Kicauan. Menurut kepercayaan masyarakat Jawa. 480 more words