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Sleepy Days and More Snow?

After a long weekend traveling, the last thing I wanted to do was wake up at 5:00 AM for the gym, but it was just what my body needed after such an indulgent weekend. 288 more words

I do not like to travel. I've gone to not-America more than enough times to conclude that visiting it is definitely not my thing..

Several years ago, I realized that I really ought to get rid of the two or three or five grudges I was still carrying from HS and college because, in most cases, the original fault in those feuds was mine and, in any case, both I and the begrudged person were by now so different that it was like carrying on a fight with a ghost. 805 more words

General Principles

Open Recruitment: Scuba Diver Wannabe!

Suka jalan-jalan ke pantai tapi cuma bisa guling-guling di pasir? Suka liat ikan dan coral warna-warni tapi cuma bisa liat dari jauh sambil snorkeling? Udah tau blom kalo lokasi Indonesia itu adanya di pusat segitiga terumbu karang dunia? 281 more words


Budget travel: healthy Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for less than $10

Everytime I talk to someone and ask them why are they not traveling i get hit by the same answer: traveling is expensive!! But, actually a lot of travelers have shared this amazing secret for traveling on budget. 165 more words


I completely forgot about this site.

I completely forgot about this.

Then found it again when I decided to start blogging again after reading Jay’s blog. I have a blog on… 856 more words


Simply Beautiful

On my journey to find beauty in life again I stumbled across

Let the traveling continue……

Life Matters