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Catching it again

Hello people, how are you all? its finally raining in Mumbai ! :D  I always dance when it rains just like a peacock. Just that i dont have feathers. 394 more words


沒有手機上網的假期 - holidays without Internet

Have you ever been in a situation when you look at other couples, kiss and say ‘We will never be like that’, then few years later you do the exact same thing? 927 more words


Amazing Roads to Travel by Car

If we compare airplanes to cars travels, of course the first has the advantage of getting us to our destination much faster. But not everyday we can catch a flight, right? 271 more words


A Southern Storm

There a difference when 90 degree heat and humidity get together. The storms create wild clouds, colors that don’t look natural and lightning thst warns of the onslaught. 9 more words


Candi Cetho

Kabut menghampiri candi yang terletak di kaki Gunung Lawu, tepatnya di Dusun Ceto, Desa Gumeng, Kecamatan Jenawi, Kabupaten Karanganyar, Jawa Tengah.

Terletak d ketinggian 1496 mdpl,  candi yang diberi nama sesuai letak desanya ini cukup mempesona. 157 more words


Photo Diary: California Trip (2012)

Back in the summer of 2012, I visited the Los Angeles area for the first time with my family. The last time I was in California was when I was a kid. 40 more words


Grocery shopping in other contries

You know that feeling when you go grocery shopping and you´re really really hungry?! I always end up buying way too much, and before I´ve gotten through a third of what I´ve bought I´m so full, that I dont really know what to do with myself. 12 more words