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Backpacker Accommodation Alternatives; Beyond The Hostel.

The hostel is a quintessential part of both the backpacker experience and image, and has been for decades. They have changed and improved drastically over the years, with levels of comfort, cleanliness and originality getting increasingly better with time and competition. 1,904 more words



Life points us in the direction we need to be moving. Our faiths take us to places we feel we need to be. No longer should we be confined to small sections of this planet nor should we be led to massive monuments with the destination being the only experience we enjoy. 201 more words

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Everyone's love for travel had to have started somewhere…

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. I know there are millions and trillions of blogs out there, so for you to land on my little lilly pad  — well, it means the world to me, so welcome! 135 more words


Bemused Backpacker Turns Two!

This month marks the second Birthday of the Bemused Backpacker website, and it has been an absolutely awesome journey watching the site grow and expand into everything it has become today.  438 more words

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MK and A's New York Christmas Adventure Pt. 2

{Saturday: Christmas Galore} It was finally Christmas morning! Ok, it was just Saturday but man did we have the best Christmas plans. We were fully psyched and ready to see NYC in all her Christmas glory! 1,200 more words



Nothing in the world compares to being on the road as the sun creeps up the horizon. I put my back to the East and started driving. 46 more words

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Sejam Siaran bersama iRadio

Masih terbawa euphoria perasaan setelah siaran pagi ini, saya rasanya ingin cepat-cepat menorehkan tulisan di blog ini untuk berbagi rasa kepada kamu tentang apa yang saya alami saat di beri kesempatan untuk menjadi narasumber iRadioKeliling, sebuah program siaran radio pagi oleh… 961 more words