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I miss home!

I’ve been sat here thinking what it is I actually miss about home?

Living in a different country is hard work. It is exciting, fun, interesting and gives you a completely different perspective on life but sometimes it is really hard! 358 more words


Flowers + Still Life

Fire and ice. Perito Moreno, Argentine Patagonia.

Wildflowers. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Rain on pine. Glacier National Park, Montana.

Grand Teton National Park.

The market. 67 more words


Strawberries Coated with Chocolate and Mint Sugar

Mint sugar is wonderful topping for fresh fruit salads and it’s wonderful have some on hand. For this recipe you can use mint as well as peppermint! 217 more words


Day 51, June 29. Dublin - Delaware, OH. 41 miles


Drive-through off licences…god bless America.

Lance spent all morning ‘lollygagging’ with his bike. He’s also assumed map duties…we got lost. Miserable ride, rode in heavy rain all day long and stopped short at Delaware – otherwise it would have been nice. 12 more words

Adventure Cycling

Day 50, June 28. Milford - Dublin, OH. 115 miles (3,739)


Amazing weather, been on bike paths all day, great ride. Lance slacking slightly though…

Come off route slightly before West Jefferson to come and stay with Lances friends; Tony, Greta, many many thanks for the hospitality, great meeting you.

Adventure Cycling

The falling water of Brazil and Argentina

The next part of our trip was one I had been looking forward to since we decided on South America as a destination. We caught an overnight bus from Curitiba to the small city of Foz do Iguaçu, home of the world famous Iguaçu Falls. 585 more words