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The Solar Impulse is live streaming the most dangerous leg of its historic flight

The Solar Impulse has passed the point of no return during the most dangerous leg of its historic attempt to circumvent the world in a solar plane: the Nagoya-to-Hawaii route. 246 more words

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Passengers stuck in Denver overnight after jerk lights cigarette on United flight

If you’ve ever wondered why commercial airplanes are still filled with no smoking signs, announcements and ashtrays on the lavatory doors nearly 30 years after smoking was banned… 182 more words

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PIA, Etihad Airways announce new code-share agreement

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Etihad Airways have signed a code-share agreement which will provide travelers with enhanced connections between the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and beyond. 268 more words

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These are our favorite places to host a conference

Traveling for work sounds glamorous, but when it means spending 12 hours in a windowless cell with tired old carpet and stale donuts, it certainly is not. 77 more words

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These zombies will make your next cruise thrilling — if you go on this blood cruise

Cruising is coming back into popularity with Millennials — and we now know why: zombie cruises. And no, these aren’t ghost cruise ships that drift aimlessly on the high seas waiting for some poor souls to feast on. 139 more words

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Prepare for vacation

It is Monday, and there are so many things I would like to get done today. But I’m the type of person that likes getting the important things done first. 165 more words

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Remote control passenger planes may be coming soon to an airport near you

“This is your captain speaking” may take on an eerie new tone in the not too distant future, as human pilots begin to make way for computer-operated passenger flights. 268 more words

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