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Sunset thoughts at Khawa

Most Batswana would make it big in the tourism industry the day they find out how to sell the sunset experience.

I had these thoughts last Saturday while sitting here overlooking the Khawa village during the annual… 124 more words

Travel Moments

Coffee Fresh

I wish that every morning coffee came with the freshness of a new place that isn’t lost by noon.

Photo: Monblanc, Catalunya Spain, March 2015


We Blossom ...

I’ve given myself what I need to blossom, if only for a short time

Photo: Apricot Blossom, Catalunya Spain, March 2015


Can’t get tired of chasing settings suns

Shooting this felt like I was on some ambush mission

From Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa

My artist friend likes to call me ‘Sunny One’. 291 more words

Travel Moments

Then there was light!

Darkness all around
Devils are abound
Soul searching for redemption
All lost, nothing was found
First word was written
Evils deeply smitten
Human gave them fright… 43 more words


A portrait of Khakhea Pan

Travelling along the A20 road, just before the border between Southern and Kgalagadi District in Botswana, we stopped by a small village called Khakhaea. There is a big pan there named after the village (it could be the other way round). 224 more words

Travel Moments

No Idea ....

I’ve no idea where I am but it’s exactly where I need to be …..

Photo: A street somewhere in Barcelona, March 2015