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Chico's Travel Guide Presents: Springmoon Festival Part 2

Written by Absinthe Kurichi

Continued from here

Day 3

Sleeping in this vibrantly lid city was such a chore. Streets were filled with festivities while the sky is painted by fireworks.

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Madrid nightlife: from dusk till dawn

From urbane bars to foot-stomping flamenco, Guy Wilkinson experiences the sizzling nightlife of Spain’s capital.

Madrid’s nightlife is positively fizzing. But where to start? A city so rich in culture can make deciding where to begin like trying to fathom why people are laughing during an Adam Sandler movie–utterly bewildering. 995 more words


From Zurich to Singapore

The book I read to research this post was Butterflies And Flat Tires: From Zurich To Singapore Via Siberia by Lorraine Spence which is an excellent book that I read at kindle unlimited. 237 more words


Chico's Travel Guide Presents: Springmoon Festival

Written by Absinthe Kurichi

Twinkling skies etched in effervescent radiance. She touches my forehead with her pearly white lips, and she bows and whispers me a plethora of blessings.

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How-To: Organize Primate Trekking Without a Company

Our month-long trip was really created around two set dates that we had picked to go chimp and gorilla trekking. These two activities were magical and unforgettable days that I would recommend everyone traveling in the region plan on doing! 2,180 more words

East Africa Tour

Chicago: Small Town Girl Meets Big City

In 2013 i had a wonderful time visiting The Windy City. This is the first time I had been to a big city, before I had been to smaller towns in the states but never a city as big as Chicago. 580 more words


Burn the Travel Guide

Traveling by the book won’t make you any more interesting. But traveling off the path will. 1,022 more words

Brett Cotham