Experience | The Great Ocean Road

Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been looking forward to writing this post best of all; even if it is coming to you two months after my first arrival in Melbourne and two months after my trip down The Great Ocean Road, but trust me, it doesn’t make any of the experience any less amazing. 1,082 more words


Cruiser's Dilemma: To Drive Or Fly?

Cruise is booked, and good times are ahead. When debarking from a city that is not home, one of the decisions that must be made is whether to drive or to fly. 292 more words

Snobby Traveler

Keep on travelling

Having submitted my Fellowship report and started to plan follow up activities I will continue to use this blog to record my activities, especially as most of them involve travel of one sort or another. 968 more words

Travel Blog

I'm Walking on Sunshine...

Whoa yeah! And don’t it feel good!? (Seriously so much sunshine over here! Yay!)

I can’t believe how much I’ve done and seen and experienced and changed already just in the short time I’ve been here and in the past two weeks particularly! 2,090 more words

A MoROCKIN Spring Break

Get what I did with the title? Moroccan…MoRockin, because it rocked?

A little sorry for how cheesy that was.

Anyways: I never thought of going to Morocco before I came to Spain, but it’s just so close! 1,972 more words