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Welcome to bonnieontherun. I happen to be she (Bonnie) and as a early twenty something, fresh out of uni, I decided it was time to take all these adventures I had been popping off on recently and write them down. 99 more words

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Quotes with Quoffee .43

“People will come and go out of your life. Eventually you will learn how to not take it to heart when they leave. However, before they make an exit, make sure you absorb the goodness from their souls, and carry that with you through life, as lessons learned, and lessons that will be taught. ” — Raven



Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu Day 2

On day 2 of the Salkantay trek, we woke to the faint hint of light that paints the sky just before daybreak. The sun rises a little later in the mountains, as it takes a little more time to clear the towering peaks on the horizon.  590 more words


Travel Diary : Thailand : Ao Nang 

The first thing we done when we got to Ao Nang was hire a little motorbike to explore, it’s so cheap to hire them in Thailand, ours was about £6 for a full day… Amazing! 420 more words

Feeling Square in Venice

We arrived safely in Venice and were a bit shocked at first at being thrown back into a tourist town. After sleepy Bari and Bologna, the crowds of Venice seemed immense. 1,077 more words

Kowloon Bay

Walking around Hong Kong is one of the things you need to put in your bucket list. Try going there during winter season. No, you… 194 more words


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