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Chiang Mai Thailand Part 12: Luggage...the lesser the better!

I would like to take this time out to say thank you to you for reading my blogs, thank you to those who have been sharing my blog posts, I appreciate you for reading this. 568 more words


Bienvenue à la Côte d'Azur

Known as the place to be for the european and international jet set, Saint Tropez is one of the many beautiful villages along the French Riviera, or as I like to call it (and so do the French): la Côte d’Azur. 266 more words


A weekend in Romagna (Italy)

Just after the weekend spent in my home town Cagliari, I’ve spent the following one in Romagna (Italy) that I’ve chosen as my second land. I’ve spent there eight years before moving into UK and I’m deeply in love with that area of Italy because of the really friendly people, the delicious food and the amazing sunny summer days, just to highlight my top of the list :) … 1,026 more words


48 hours in Kuala Lumpur>>

KL, as the locals call it, is the capital of Malaysia and is the symbol of the country’s futuristic development. KL is a city of lush parks, shopping malls-huge shopping malls and very modern skyscrapers mixed in with its tri-cultural essence: Malay, Chinese and Indian. 1,145 more words


#Summeriscoming; my essentials to pack >>

Summer IS coming!! Let’s not even talk about winter right now because I am still deeply, heartedly in pain about what happened this past Sunday June 21st #ayayay (Only Game of Throne fans will understand) 1,283 more words


Broke Backpacking: Planning a Spontaneous Trip Overseas 

 Backpacking Europe is both a fun and daunting task. Almost on a whim, my roommate and I decided that we wanted to spend our summer backpacking throughout Europe since we [1] just graduated university and [2] were about to embark on real-world, adult stuff. 1,183 more words


Paradise on Earth at Ha Long Bay

One of the only things Esther and I had booked prior to arriving in Vietnam was our boat trip to Ha Long Bay. We knew we wanted to experience this UNESCO World Heritage site and we had read plenty of reviews online which pointed towards the fact that the quality of tours was mixed to say the least. 2,006 more words