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Hopeless Case

I can’t wait to be done.
I can’t wait to be free

I wanna sit and do none,
but it ain’t a two months or three… 126 more words


What day is it again?


There are no words powerful enough to describe the frustration I feel with myself. I am coasting through life, becoming more and more isolated, with no direction other than having a constant need to remedy the burning withdrawals that are so consistent, you could set your watch by them. 238 more words


The Dilema.

Have you ever looked at the mirror and found the person looking right at you is a complete stranger?

I used to be strong, independent and confident yet now I feel worthless, insecure and empty as I’m continuously walking on egg shells to make you happy, constantly aiming to please you, to recieve some sort of approval and acknowledgement, but who am I kidding my happiness only matters when it’s convenient to you, as does my existence. 126 more words

Noblesse Oblige

Chained by your noblesse oblige,
You managed to fake a smile at me
But it was crooked and grotesque
And spoke only of your urge to flee. 30 more words


[Trans/Long-fic] Giam cầm (C10)

Chap 10.

Hoàng đế Jongin vốn xưa nay chưa bao giờ để tâm. Chưa một lần hắn kìm chế bản thân, dành thời gian cho đôi mắt mình được thưởng thức vẻ đẹp tuyệt mỹ ấy. 4,311 more words


Also free

“I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free… so other people would be also free.” — Rosa Parks



Your cloudy eyes

Posses me

Making it seem as if the world is standing still

The world seems frozen,

memories flooding into your mind

Trying to forget a childhood ever since you’ve been alone… 88 more words