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A Place at the Table - 14 - Trapped

A Place at the Table – 14 – Trapped

God, we thank You that You know right where we are. We thank You that no matter what we have done to distract ourselves from You, You continue to carve out a path should we choose to notice it. 728 more words


The Hunt

Listen to your beast.
You can hear its ragged fading breaths ,
as you sit
sweat soaked,
heart racing,
alone in the dark,
chest heaving, 125 more words


Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life...

As someone who’s been diagnosed with a chronic illness (Fibromyalgia to be exact) I often get tired of hearing that I just have to accept the way I am now and to completely change my entire being in order to fit in with this new illness… I often feel that the doctors who give this advice really don’t understand chronic illness at all. 408 more words

Chronic Pain

Snowday Boredom

One of the so called joys of being a teacher are snow days. Ahh… Who wouldn’t like a day of with no strings? Umm… Me. I find it funny that teachers have snow days when they are probably some of the most organized/highly structured people I know. 173 more words

Wasting Thoughts

I looked at you, you looked away
Our future could be great
But you’re with him

Beauty lies in what I can’t have
That’s what makes it hurt… 53 more words



Sometimes I feel trapped
Trapped in relations
Trapped in responsibilities
Trapped in love
Trapped in love for her
Trapped in concerns for her
Trapped in personality traits of her… 157 more words