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BBC acquires two new Scandinavian dramas

Even though other channels have cottoned onto the fact that Scandinavian drama, especially crime drama, is a hip thing, BBC4 is still the place that’s most associated with it. 365 more words


Man of my Dreams: Not Your Typical Dream Man.

I have this dream consistently, it’ terrifying. It usually starts with me in a dark area with no details but black or dark gray then I see him. 329 more words

Say no to stagnation

A stagnant pool attracts unpleasant organisms. The water itself turns toxic for many living beings. Similarly,  a stagnant mind is dangerous. It dwells within preset thought frames  thereby contaminating the whole character. 488 more words

Dry Wounds and Salty Tears

Of my grievous woes

you cannot know, you cannot know

For until time’s tide hath ebbed

you cannot hear, the sobs I’ve wept

My open wounds, you shan’t see… 61 more words


The Voice Inside

Inside the deep cavity in my chest, A voice lives

Over time it has become a part of me

A conscious of my unconscious

Every now and then it pokes out its head… 50 more words



A man is imprisoned in a lamp, seeking freedom, keys scattered upon the ground.

This is a combination of several original photos and a drawing. Black and white lends itself to easier blending of images.


Emmaline’s Story 4

Emmaline’s Story – On the Inside

Chapter 4

Fenced-In Mates

Slowly, I made my way toward something looming in the distance. Soon, I could make out an enormous fence. 684 more words

Passion's Invocation