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Soldiers Tale Experimentation - Trap door?

I really liked the idea of breaking the fourth wall in my set design my extending the stage into the audience. I felt that it created a difference between fantasy and reality which was an important aspect with the whole idea that the solider was suffering from post traumatic experiences. 60 more words

Theatre Design

Those times when you just want the ground to swallow you up

I’ve had many a situation where I have been through embarrassing moments when I have sorely hoped there was a nearby trapdoor that would swiftly open and whip me away from the terrible situation I had got myself in to. 1,833 more words


High 5, Son!

In accordance with a request from this site’s creator , and in sticking with my last post, which was T.V themed, I give you my personal Top 5 T.V Theme Songs! 440 more words

Sweet Memories

5 Simple Rules to Keeping the Peace: A Re-booting Refresher

I don’t know about you, but I’ve crossed paths with more than my fair share of busybodies and they can cause a LOT of trouble! Personally, … 827 more words